"There are so many excellent, universal healthy relationship practices shared in the book which any person, gay or straight, could benefit from."

Articles About Love Together
Advocate - Preston Hollow/North Dallas
July 2015 by Elizabeth Barbee
Jack Evans and George Harris Featured in Book About Longtime Male Couples
Jack Evans and George Harris have what most of us want: an enduring love. The Preston Hollow couple has been together more than half a century. They finally received their marriage license June 26, when the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide. Want to know their secret to happiness? Read “Love Together: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication.” Read more.
OutSmart Magazine
June 2015 by Bradley Donalson
Marshaling Love That Lasts: Ryan Levy Featured in "Love Together"
When author Tim Clausen was looking for examples of healthy gay male relationships, he found shockingly few. To remedy that, Clausen decided to publish Love Together, a book of interviews he collected from committed gay couples around the country. By documenting almost two dozen relationships that have thrived for anywhere from 11 to 65 years, Clausen hopes to inspire and guide those who are looking for a love that lasts. Read more.
Huffpost Gay Voice
February 2015 by Stuart Gaffney
Love Together
I grew up two doors down from the local library, and as a kid I went there countless times. When I was in about 6th grade or so, I started to realize I was gay and began to wonder what life had in store for me -- how could I learn more about what lay ahead for me and others like me -- did I have a chance for my own happily ever after? Read more.
Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
February 2015 by Jim Stingl
Book Explores Lasting Love Among Gay Couples
Tim Clausen set out to understand a form of human connection that has eluded him for decades — long-term love relationships. He lives in Fox Point with his cat, Pepper, who he said thinks she's his girlfriend and that his interest in men is only a phase. Read more.

The Bilerico Project
February 2015 Filed by John M. Becker
New Book Tells Stories, Secrets of Longtime Male Couples
Tim Clausen is a jazz pianist and historian from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He says he's had several important relationships since coming out of the closet, but nothing that's lasted longer than a year or so. But as the founder and leader of the Milwaukee Gay Fathers Group from 1995-2004, Tim's seen a lot of long-term male relationships form, bloom, and grow. Read more.
Windy City Times
February 2015 by Joe Franco
Love Together Looks at Longtime Gay Couples
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin—aside from having more "o's" in it than any other city in the country, it's also where Tim Clausen as called home for most of his life. The city played host to the very first screening in the world of the Wizard of Oz in 1939, and it is a fitting tribute that the sleepy bastion of Milwaukee vacation homes should play host again to another first. Read more.
The Desert Sun
February 2015 by Will Dean
Dating Do's & Don'ts in Palm Springs
How's your date's appetite?

After interviewing about 100 gay men across North America for his book, "Love Together: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication," author and researcher Tim Clausen was struck by a common factor they all shared. "In just talking about their partner, they had an almost unlimited appetite for each other's company," he says. Read more.
PQ Monthly
February 2015 by Steve Strode
The Home Front - Perspectives
“Closets are For Clothes.” I remember buying a t-shirt printed thusly when I was about twenty years old. At the time I felt like it was a huge deal to wear it—even in progressive Wisconsin. Yes, left-coasters, Wisconsin has a progressive heritage (disregard current news cycles). Wherever there is a person in the closet, there is a person whose full, true self is diminished in some way. And there is a reason that the closet metaphor has worked so well. Home symbolizes our safe place, our refuge. Read more.
Wisconsin Gazette
November 2014 by Louis Weisberg
Learning About Commitment from Gay Male Couples
Milwaukee jazz pianist Tim Clausen is not in a same-sex marriage — nor does he have a long-term male partner. But he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the dynamics of such relationships, having conducted 103 interviews with gay men who are partnered or married. Read more.
Gays With Kids
December 5, 2014 by Scott Kearnan
Love Together: Long-term Male Couples Open Up
As a professional jazz pianist, Tim Clausen knows a lot about making beautiful music on his own. But in writing his new book, “Love Together: Longtime Male Couples on Healthy Intimacy and Communication,” he learned more than ever about what it takes for two people to create long-lasting harmony. Read more.
Oconomowoc Enterprise
December 24, 2014 by Ryan Billingham
Searching for the Keys to Long, Healthy Relationships
Tim Clausen is a 1978 graduate of Oconomowoc High School. He recently published his first book, a collection of interviews that explores the challenges and issues of long-term gay relationships. He has one son and lives in Milwaukee, where he enjoys playing jazz piano and studying jazz history. He spoke with the Enterprise about his new book and its potentially controversial subject matter. Read more.


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