"How do male couples keep their relationship healthy and thriving for fifteen, thirty, even sixty years?"

Love TogetherLongtime Make Couples on Health Intimacy and CommunicationLove TogetherLongtime Make Couples on Health Intimacy and Communication

Longtime male couples share candidly in Love Together how they navigate issues of monogamy, intimacy, affection, communication, money, spirituality, marriage, and parenting. Included here are the first military couple in America to wed, a Catholic theologian, a pioneering Texas pair featured in a 1996 Life Magazine article, a practicing Buddhist couple who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, two Paris-trained chefs turned international vintners, a Canadian couple who produce a line of gay erotic comics, a Christian pop-singing duo who became parents through surrogacy, a movie industry couple who met the day World War Two ended, and more. With hundreds of years of collective experience, these couples share their life wisdom and offer practical advice for singles who want to find a lasting love relationship.

Love Together is available in both paperback and Kindle editions. If you don't have a Kindle and would like to read the book on your Smartphone, tablet, or computer for only $8.99, downloading is a breeze with Amazon's free new Kindle Reading App.
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On January 14, 2015 Tim Clausen was interviewed by Kathleen Dunn on Wisconsin Public radio.
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